JAVA- Technology

Java is a general-purpose programming language. Java is a class-based, object-oriented programing language. This is a fast, secure and reliable. The main objective of this programming is to lets developers write code once and then run it anywhere means java code can run on all platforms supported by java without any recompilation.

Nowadays Java is the most popular programming language. INDOGIC INNOVATIVE SOLUTIONS is offering the best career-oriented training to the students, and also for those who are working in the IT field. Our expert trainer gives you a complete insight into the technology where they make you learn through live projects.

Basic JAVA

  • Java HOME
  • Java Introduction
  • Java Get Started
  • Java Syntax
  • Java Comments
  • Java Variables
  • Java Data Types
  • Java Type Casting
  • Java Operators
  • Java Strings
  • Java Math
  • Java Booleans
  • Java If...Else
  • Java Switch
  • Java While Loop
  • Java For Loop
  • Java Break/Continue
  • Java Arrays
  • Java Exceptions
  • Java Methods

Java Classes

  • Java Classes/Objects
  • Java Class Attributes
  • Java Class Methods
  • Java Constructors
  • Java Modifiers
  • Java Encapsulation
  • Java Packages / API
  • Java Inheritance
  • Java Polymorphism
  • Java Inner Classes
  • Java Abstraction
  • Java Interface
  • Java Enums
  • Java User Input
  • Java Date
  • Java ArrayList
  • Java HashMap
  • Java Wrapper Classes
  • Java Files

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Java Technology


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