PHP/My SQL - Development Course

PHP is the most commonly scripting language for web development. PHP is free, open source and server side (the code can be executed on the server). MySQL is also free open source and uses Structured Query Language (SQL).

The combination of PHP and MySQL gives option to create any kind of website like small contact form to large corporation portal.

Indogic Innovative Solution is providing quality training in PHP/MySQL. Our experience trainers make you aware to these languages so you can create perfect websites.

Basic PHP

  • PHP Introduction
  • PHP Install
  • PHP Syntax
  • PHP Variables
  • PHP Echo / Print
  • PHP Data Types
  • PHP Strings
  • PHP Constants
  • PHP Operators
  • PHP If...Else...Elseif
  • PHP Switch
  • PHP While Loops
  • PHP For Loops
  • PHP Functions
  • PHP Arrays
  • PHP Sorting Arrays
  • PHP Superglobals

PHP Forms

  • PHP Form Handling
  • PHP Form Validation
  • PHP Form Required
  • PHP Form URL/E-mail
  • PHP Form Complete

PHP Advanced

  • PHP Arrays Multi
  • PHP Date and Time
  • PHP Include
  • PHP File Handling
  • PHP File Open/Read
  • PHP File Create/Write
  • PHP File Upload
  • PHP Cookies
  • PHP Sessions
  • PHP Filters
  • PHP Filters Advanced
  • PHP Error Handling
  • PHP Exception

MySQL Database

  • MySQL Database
  • MySQL Connect
  • MySQL Create DB
  • MySQL Create Table
  • MySQL Insert Data
  • MySQL Get Last ID
  • MySQL Insert Multiple
  • MySQL Prepared
  • MySQL Select Data
  • MySQL Delete Data
  • MySQL Update Data
  • MySQL Limit Data


  • PHP XML Parsers
  • PHP SimpleXML Parser
  • PHP SimpleXML - Get
  • PHP XML Expat


  • AJAX Introduction
  • AJAX Database
  • AJAX Live Search
  • AJAX RSS Reader
  • AJAX Poll

There Are Still More To Know?


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PHP Development Course


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